Are you looking for high-quality and fair translation services?

For almost two decades, Babylonia has delivered tailor-made translations in English, Spanish, Dutch and French.
A commitment to fair services is our trademark. This means that our translations have an added social value.
Moreover, we deliver quality at a very competitive price.

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Who we are

We, Albrik Dávila and Willy van Willigen, founded a translation agency in Bolivia in 2003. This was the realisation of our dream to generate work and income for local language experts by providing high‑quality translation services. After 12 years we moved to the Netherlands, where we continue to honour our commitment to fair services and income generation abroad.

Willy van Willigen

Willy manages Babylonia’s client relations and is your main contact person.

She capitalises on her experience working in Europe and Latin America in highly competitive, multinational business environments, as well as with NGOs and small ideals-driven businesses, to build professional, transparent, and amiable relations with our clients.

The personalised contact that I build with our clients is fundamental to Babylonia’s translation process.”

Contact me if you need translation services or want to know more about Babylonia. 

Albrik Dávila

Albrik has worked in many countries and has gained ample experience in the development and alternative business sectors.

As a workshop facilitator and local economic development expert he understands how important localised translation work is.

Albrik manages Babylonia’s core processes.

“In order to ensure the best results for each translation project, I put together a dedicated team of language experts. I monitor progress closely, oversee quality and ensure that deadlines are met. And I always keep in mind our commitment to fair services.”

What we do

We provide translation services in English, Spanish, Dutch and French. 

Does your organisation or business focus on international trade and commerce, political affairs, development cooperation, fair trade, advocacy, sustainability, or organisational and operational development? 

Babylonia delivers high-quality translations in these and other fields.

Our Fields of Expertise

Our Fields of Expertise

  • International trade and commerce
  • Sustainability
  • Fair trade
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human resources
  • Administrative and legal issues
  • Project management
  • Product development and marketing
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Export and import
  • Environmental issues and climate change
  • Human rights and advocacy
  • Impunity
  • Agriculture and irrigation
  • Refugees and migration
  • Technical user instructions
  • Behavioural change
  • Urban matters and city planning
  • Extractive industries
  • Organisational and operational development
  • Government issues and policies
  • International politics
  • Advertising and communication
  • Economy and finance
  • Anthropology and sociology
  • International development cooperation
  • Gender
  • Narrative and financial annual reporting and auditing
  • Organic certification
  • Disaster Risk Reduction

Collaboration with our Clients

We have built long-standing relationships for more than a decade with numerous clients. They are generally sustainable and
socially-aware businesses and institutions. They operate in the international arena in various sectors, including international cooperation, human rights advocacy, organic certification, fair trade and sustainability, international commerce and services, and organisational and operational development.

We value customer intimacy.
We know what is important to you and keep ourselves informed about your plans, development goals and priorities. We apply your particular communication style and terminology. To this end, we also develop and constantly update a term base specifically for you.

Babylonia’s clients have this to say about us:

“Cordaid has hired Babylonia’s services since 2004, to its great satisfaction. Its translations are good. Both larger and urgent translation jobs are always done within the established deadline. Of course, the prices are also very attractive. We hope to continue to rely on Babylonia’s translation services often.”
“We have worked with Babylonia for many years and are very happy with its work. It works efficiently and provides a friendly and professional service. Its translations are of high quality at an attractive price.”
“For many years, Babylonia has been doing translations for Solidaridad. These translations are of good quality. Work is carried out thoroughly and at a very affordable price. Service is quick and reliable.”
“AgroFair is very satisfied with the cooperation with Babylonia translation agency and the service it provides. All translations from English to Spanish are carried out professionally and accurately to everyone’s satisfaction and at competitive prices. This is the reason why AgroFair wishes to continue the cooperation with Babylonia in the years to come.”
“We have been working for several years now with Babylonia, which has delivered small and large translations from English into Spanish and vice versa. We are very happy with Babylonia’s work. Translations are delivered quickly, costs are clearly indicated, a lot of care is taken to ensure the translations are technically adequate, and much attention is paid to layout. Babylonia does not simply deliver translations; it also keeps an eye out for details and works closely with us as a team. Given this professionalism, it is very pleasant to work together with Babylonia.”

“I will certainly recommend your services to anyone I hear that needs translations.”

“Thanks, good job, including your attentiveness.”

“I enjoy working with you and am always very happy with the speed and adeptness of your work.”

Victor van Oeyen:
“Babylonia delivers excellent quality work with native speaker translators, and deals with its clients in a pleasant and reliable way.”

“And, once again, the translation is excellent!”

How we do it

Babylonia’s Continuous Improvement Cycle


Staff, translators, editors, proofreaders and reviewers are engaged in 360° feedback.

We evaluate client and in-house feedback, and incorporate it into tools and reference materials for future use by language experts.

In addition, we develop and constantly update client-specific term bases.

Why we do it

Babylonia’s commitment to fair services entails:

  • delivering competitive services
  • providing more work to language experts - with fair remuneration and without discrimination
  • establishing long-term relationships with the language experts who work with us
  • ensuring swift payments to our language experts, even before we have received payments ourselves
  • promoting win-win formulas that lead to the satisfaction of both clients and language experts
  • communicating in an open and transparent manner with clients and language experts
  • pursuing continuous improvement
  • actively reducing our carbon footprint and advocating sustainable livelihoods

Babylonia’s Vision

  • We provide high-quality services at very competitive prices.
  • We are committed to fair services delivery throughout the value chain.
  • We offer translations in Western European languages, preferably to organisations that pursue social and environmental ideals.
  • We endeavour to establish long-term relationships with our clients and language experts.
  • We aim to generate more employment in developing countries (particularly in Bolivia, where Babylonia was founded).